Kaiyō Means: Ocean

It is centuries’ old knowledge that the amalgamation of the salt ocean air and a distant sea voyage enriches whisky. To further enhance our whisky, it too, embarks on its own journey through the seas from Osaka Japan which lasts up to three months. The result of the sea voyage and maturation is our whisky’s distinct chronicle of its journey, a diary, if you will, into its depths. Just as no two stories are identical, neither is each sea voyage with factors including the motion of the seas’ waves, temperature changes, and variations of weather and air pressure all contributing to the whisky’s aging effect. This produces an inimitable kismet between spirit and mizunara oak casks resulting in an intricately exquisite finish to our whisky.

In only three month’s time, a distinct and extraordinary aging effect is infused into our whisky as a result of the sea maturation. Throughout the journey, the whisky dances within the cask from the ebb and flow of the seas’ waves, ensuring every drop of it to be in perpetual contact with the mizunara oak.

The aging effect of whisky is the result of a chemical reaction; heat is a natural catalyst in a chemical reaction. While on its sea maturation, our whisky is subject to variations of temperature. For an extensive period of the journey, the whisky is exposed to warm climates, providing higher temperatures, thereby accelerating the aging process.

While at sea, the whisky experiences frequent alterations of air pressure allowing the mizunara oak to contract and expand, varying the levels of oxygen at given times and beckoning the mizunara oak to release its delicate flavors and aromas.

Kaiyō whisky indeed has an intricate and profound journey through the seas. It now awaits you to pour a glass, allowing it to recount its voyage’s tale as you experience the essence released by the rolling waves and sea air found in every sip.



Kaiyō Ltd. 2017